GRAMCO COCONUT OIL one of the Agro products AMG AGROFOODS has started its production and serving the people since 15th November 2021 with the intention of reaching people the purest and natural COCONUT OIL by using the modernist technology under the most hygienic condition. Within this time ,we are glad to say the company could catch-up the hearts of the people by its quality and service. It is remarkable to say that the company has obtained all necessary certifications such as AGMARK,HACCP,ISO-2018 etc. Besides ensuring the people the purest quality and best service ,the company could create a number of employments which could lift-up the living standard of the people.
We at Gramco value the wellness of our customers more than anything and do not compromise on the quality of our products. In order to provide quality oil without losing its natural smell and taste, we directly collect high quality coconuts from the farmers of Malabar and are then converted in to copras without smoke in our plant. These copras are then filtered twice before testing on our labs and made in to pure oil. And the Agmark certification is a proof of this quality process and our commitment towards our customers.


For Good Health

Contrary to popular belief that coconut oil creates cholesterol; a good quality coconut oil break- downs the bad cholesterol & increases good cholesterol. To keep our customers healthy and happy, we make sure Gramco coconut oil is 100% pure and unaltered during its production. Moreover, Gramco coconut oil is brimmed with saturated fat which improves the functioning of brain, bone development and prevents hair loss.

Beauty & Protection

Using coconut oil for hair protection and beautification is no secret and has been utilized since old times. For better hair protection and natural beauty make Gramco coconut oil a habit and make the power of tradition yours.

Better Taste, Better Life

Coconut oil is a staple in every Malayali’s kitchen and Gramco cocnut oil is specifically made to give you that traditional taste we are familiar with. High-end machines are used during the production stage to ensure quality, natural taste and smell for your dishes.

Rich with Energy

Gramco organic coconut oil has an ample amount of fatty acid that can revitalize your body. This gives you enough energy to excel in your day-to-day activities while not compromising on anything.